A Short Guide On How Homeowners Could Save Energy Usage On Appliances

Home appliances have made our lives astonishingly convenient. The smart engineering with innovative concepts have compelled us to get highly dependent upon these aspects. To keep it simple, electric appliances have considerably become one of the essential parts for domestic purposes. You have geyser for hot water, dishwasher to wash your plates, refrigerator to preserve your food and beverages and a washing machine to clean off your clothes. Things are now just operational at the direction of your finger!

Well, every factor has two sided aspects and hence appliances too are not exceptional in this regards. The reality comes out at the end of the month when the energy bill comes in your hands. What’s next? The printed charges leave you wondering that when did you overlooked your appliance operating being useless isn’t it? However, we never know but there are other facets which act proportionally to make the electric meter reading go high.

Save Energy On Appliances

We have been advised millions of times to save electricity still we practice it very rarely. Electric appliances have indeed proved highly useful for us, but at the same time, they also consume high electricity. Consequently, we keep on receiving huge energy bills at the end of the month. Yet you need not to panic for this issue as there are solutions available. Check out some of the tips through which you could minimize electric consumption.

● HVAC – You could set your thermostat at lower temperature during cooler months especially when you are sleeping. Also replacing the filters at regular intervals helps in effective running of your systems. Further, you could also make a check on your air conditioners during spring seasons and the same with the heating system during early falls.

● Refrigerators – Always keep your refrigerators fully stocked as it consumes less energy rather than when it is empty. Besides, you could also set the refrigerator temperature between 30 to 42 degrees for low energy consumption. Check for the air leakages near doors and if found then make an attempt for door seal repairing. Other than that if your refrigerator has external coils, then keep them clean through a duster or a vacuum cleaner.

● Appliances – The most efficient method of saving energy on appliances is to unplug them when not in use. While purchasing, consider the energy star ratings which are designed to reduce the energy consumption to a much extent. Apart from all these you could also replace your old appliances with new ones.

● Washing Machine – Implement the practice of washing full loads of clothes, else set the water adjustment as per the amount of clothes to be washed. Avoid over drying of your clothes as machine consumes high energy other than required. Try bulk of clothes to dry at once using the dryer. Doing so, the dryer would consume less energy.

● Computers – Insist on using a laptop rather than desktops as it uses less energy. Put your computer on sleeping mode instead of a screen saver mode. You would thus save energy when the system is not in use. Unplug the chargers once the battery gets fully charged.

● Electric Lights – You could replace the bulbs of your home with CFLs and other fluorescent lamps as they have been purposely designed to save energy. This would also make very low amount of energy consumption.

● Attic – Always be assured of the proper insulation of the attic. This keeps your home cold in summer as well as warm in winter. An attic should also have proper ventilation features so that it could allow sufficient inter-flow of natural air. As per US department, a properly insulated home helps to save you about 30 to 40% on cooling costs which is quite impressive.

In this era where usage of electric appliances and other equipment have gone ultimately high, the consistent rise of electric consumption has also put a burden on homeowners. In such a case employing some useful techniques helps in saving a lot of energy utilization and expenditure. Think about it.