Eve Mattress Review

I have to admit–I was a little uncertain about Eve mattresses before I tried one. The whole concept behind the brand was intriguing and inspiring, but I found myself wondering just how comfortable one of their beds would actually be.

Why? It’s just such a different idea than anything else on the market today.

If you’re not familiar with Eve mattresses, the company was founded on the idea that a good night’s sleep should be accessible to everyone. The founders of the company believe that in general mattresses have become too complicated and too expensive. It can take hours to figure out which of the dozens of beds that a brand offers is right for you, and when you finally do, you have to spend a small fortune to purchase anything decent.

Not with Eve.

The company has just one bed called “The Mattress.” It comes in 10 sizes, and that’s it! The prices are a fraction of what you’d expect to pay in other stores, and they offer interest-free credit financing for those who qualify, allowing you to make low monthly payments.

eve mattress review

That all sounds great, right? And I haven’t told you the best part–the mattresses live up to their promises for being as comfortable as can be.


Eve mattresses are coil-free beds that are composed of three layers of material:

Layer 1: The Comfort Layer
On the top of an Eve mattress is a layer of memory foam about 4 centimeters thick. The thermal-regulated, cooling foam diminishes pressure points and gives the mattress support.

Layer 2: The Air Flow Layer
Beneath the top layer is roughly 3 centimeters of polyurethane foam, which is less dense than memory foam. The pores in the foam let air flow through the mattresses to eliminate that hot sensation that is all too common with other all-foam mattresses.

Layer 3: The Foundation Layer
At the base of the mattress is 18 centimeters of high density support foam. This layer provides the support and allows the mattress to hold its shape.

Covering the mattress is a knitted fabric layer that is luxuriously soft. It’s removable and washable for easy cleaning.


Price: The single retails for £350, while the standard king sells for £600. When you consider the quality of what you’re getting, the bed definitely offers value for the money.

True Medium Firmness: The Eve mattress provides enough softness that you don’t wake up with achy pressure points on your body, and you won’t end up tossing and turning because you can’t find a comfortable spot to sleep in. The bed still provides moderate back support and compresses an average amount when you lie in the middle.

Cool Sleep Surface: Solid foam beds are notorious for getting too hot at night. In my experience, the Eve mattress lives up to its promises about thermal regulation. I tested mine during the summer months and never once woke up feeling hot, sweaty or sticky.

Low Movement Transference: When you roll over on an Eve mattress, your partner is unlikely to feel it. The bed is solidly crafted, so you don’t experience that bouncy feeling when the person beside you moves.

Size Range: The Eve mattress comes in all standard sizes plus a few specialty sizes.

Generous Trial Period: Purchasing a mattress online is always a little scary, but you can try the Eve mattress risk free for 100 days. If you don’t like it, they will come and pick it up and then issue you a complete refund. The trial is even valid outside of the UK.

Lifespan: Eve offers a 10-year warranty on their mattresses, but it’s a little unclear whether ordinary wear and tear is covered by them. Still, reports on these beds suggest that they last at least 8 years with most making it to the 10-year mark without any incident. This is an average or above average lifespan for a coil-free bed of this price.

eve review


Smell: For the first few weeks, the mattress does have an intense odor. You can air it out by leaving the windows open in your bedroom and running a fan. After awhile, the smell does disappear, indicating that the odor isn’t from the materials but rather from the packing.

Lack of Edge Support: When you sit on the edge of an Eve mattress, it compresses about 4 inches, which is quite significant. This is due to the fact that there are no edge supports or reinforcements on the side of the bed.

No Bounce: Yes, it’s a little dirty to talk about, but some couples may find the Eve mattress to be less than ideal during intimate encounters. The lack of weight transference means the mattress does not have a springy, bouncy feeling, which some couples may feel diminishes the experience. This is a matter of personal preference, though. It may not be an issue for all.

Platform Is Required: You cannot place an Eve mattress directly on the floor and get optimal support. The company reports that the mattress is compatible with divan beds, slatted bases with springs, platforms and slatted bases without springs.

Who Is an Eve Mattress Right for?

There is no such thing as a single best mattress for everyone, but I can recommend the Eve mattress if you:

– Prefer a bed with medium firmness. The Eve is a great happy medium between soft and firm, making it a good choice for those who prefer average support combined with cushiony softness.

– Tend to get hot at night. With its cooling foam middle layer, the Eve mattress does an excellent job at maintaining a comfortable temperature over night. It’s a perfect fit for someone who gets hot flashes or generally prefers a cooler feeling beneath them.

– You don’t sit on the edge of your bed often. Because the Eve mattress does not have a lot of extra support at the edges, it’s not the best choice for someone who sits up on the edge of the bed to read or watch television.

– You don’t mind or prefer a smooth top. You won’t find any plush padding or quilting on the top of an Eve mattress. To me, this didn’t diminish comfort, but some people may miss the traditional quilted top.