50 Practical Ways to Save Money and Secure Your Financial Future

Saving money for future use is really important, as you never know when you might need cash for an urgent need. For a secure financial future, start saving all the little extras that you get. Don’t know how to start? Well, you don’t have to worry. We have compiled 50 best ways to save money this year in no particular order.

1. The first step is to create a budget. This way, you can plan for the future and save money accordingly. You will have a perfect understanding of where your monthly earning is going and what you can do to reduce wasteful spending. Without creating a budget, it will be hard to start saving money.

2. Grocery shopping can be a fun thing to do sometimes. However, if you are not careful you may end up buying things you don’t actually need. Impulse buying can ruin your finance. So avoid buying food items you know might not eat.

3. Go to work with lunch at least twice a week. For those periods you pack your lunch for work, keep your lunch money in a safe place or a pigging bank. You’d be surprised how much you save at the end of the year.

4. Ditch your cars and walk or ride a bike to work. This way, you avoid additional expenses on gas and car maintenance. Asides saving a lot of money, you also make the environment healthier.

5. Cut down on monthly utility bills by turning off the lights when they are not in use.

6. Do you visit salons more often for manicures? A reputable manicurist may charge at least £20 per service. Why spend so much weekly when you can buy a good manicure kits for less?

7. It is impossible to watch all the channels on your cable. Thankfully, there are alternatives that can give you the same satisfaction from watching the channels on your cable. These options include Hulu, Netflix or other similar vendors. You can easily save a considerable amount of money by making the switch.

8. Many people are in the habit of drinking soda and other beverages regularly. Taking these beverages daily will negatively impact your finance. One healthy and recommended option is to drink only water. The only thing you may likely invest in is a good water bottle.

9. Use thrift shop more often. No one needs to know where you got those items from.

10. Don’t leave your coin behind. If you are one of those who don’t collect coins after every purchase then you are losing a lot of money. Start saving those coins and see how much you have at the end of the year.

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11. Instead of buying things in bits, buy them in bulk and enjoy great deals. Remember to store them safely and securely at home. Bulk buying is just perfect for food items, toiletries and many more.

12. Plan your dates the old fashioned way. Take a walk, or plan a picnic. These are far cheaper options than taking your partner to a fancy restaurant.

13. Take care of your pet yourself and avoid expensive pet spa.

14. Wow your recipients with home-made gifts. These kinds of gifts are considerably less expensive than store bought items. More so, your recipients will value and cherish the gift more.

15. No doubt, we waste foods worth several hundreds of dollars annually. Make a habit of going through your store or refrigerator for stuff that are due to expire soon and use them before it does. If you find yourself buying these often, go for alternatives.

16. Stop being wasteful by disposing of those leftovers. Instead, stock up on spices and other items that helps retain the yummy taste of these foods when preparing them a second or third time around.

17. People waste household foods worth several thousands of dollars annually because they end up getting items that will expire in no short time. When stocking up items, pay attention to when they will expire.

18. Reduce your intake of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and other unhealthy vices. Your health and pocket will be grateful for such gesture.

19. Do comparison shopping for the best price.

20. Take advantage of special deals and offers. Always look for voucher codes when you do online shopping.

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21. Implement the 10-second rule. Whenever pick up an item while shopping and add it to your cart, wait for 10 seconds or less and ask yourself, do you really need this item(s). Your response will determine whether or not you should go home with that item.

22. Do you have a space you’re under-utilizing at home? Rent it out and start earning money.

23. If you are in debt create a visual reminder of the amount owed and when the next payment is due.

24. If you have a pile of magazines in your shelf that you hardly read, then it’s high time you cancelled those subscriptions.

25. Eat a healthy breakfast before leaving for work daily.

26. If you feel the urge to add more clothes to your wardrobe, try as much as possible to go through all your clothes and see what you have in stock. You might be fortunate to see some old yet trendy clothes that can still serve you. This way, you’ve given your wardrobe a new lease of life.

27. Try to fix things in your home without professional help. There are many online tutorials and videos where you can learn how to fix home appliances and other minor things. Learning a new skill will save you a lot of cash.

28. Get yourself a deep freezer if you don’t have one. This will spur you into bulk buying since you have a perfect space to store and preserve the items.

29. If your monthly home rental takes up a large part of your income, consider relocating to a far cheaper place.

30. You don’t have to pay for some amazing fun all the time. Check out a list of free things to do in your local or neighboring community and take advantage of them.

31. Start a small garden and start producing healthy foods for your family from your backyard. Gardening is an activity that you might end up loving and take up as a hobby.

32. Use public transportation more often. Taking a bus to work is far cheaper than driving your car to work. To save more, invest in an annual transit pass.

33. For those who have a simple hairstyle, you don’t have to go to the salon all the time. You can easily cut your hair without visiting the salon. However, you need to learn the basics to be good at this. You will see improvements when you practice regularly.

34. If you stay close to your colleague at work, you can both save a ton of money by carpooling to work.

35. You don’t have to wait until something gets damaged or begin to malfunction before you fix it. Develop the habit of maintaining your home appliances, car and fixtures regularly. This way, you can prevent a problem before it escalates.

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36. Whenever you are going on a road trip, stock your bag with snacks and meals that you can easily eat while driving. By doing so, you won’t have to drive around town looking for a convenient spot to eat and fill up.

37. Your cell phones consume a lot of money as well. Go through the bills, check for irrelevant services and cut the subscriptions. Alternatively, you may want to consider switching from the bigger, more reputable providers to one of the smaller ones who offer similar service but at a far lesser price

38. Consolidating your student loans is a great way to reduce debt as a scholar.

39. If you are thinking of investing in a car, go for used models instead of the more expensive new ones. The value of a new car drops the moment you drive off the lot and this keeps happening with each year that goes by. The best option is to go for fairly used cars that have been on the road for only a few years. Fortunately, there are lots of used cars within its warranty period.

40. Take advantage of your local library. The library is not only a place where you get to borrow books. There are many things you can benefit including using free Wi-Fi, meeting people of like minds, staying up to date with community events and learning something new, just to mention a few.

41. Have you been spending so much on cleaning supplies lately? Good news is that you can make your own laundry detergents and other cleaning agents. Don’t know how? Check out the many online videos and tutorials for help. Making your own cleaning supplies is way cheaper than buying them at your local store.

42. Remember to always negotiate your car insurance. You can find a great deal when you shop around

43. Eating out can be an expensive endeavor, especially if you have a family. Learn to cook your meal at home.

44. Make a plan for your daily meal. If you return home from work with no plan of what to eat, then it’s more likely that you will have to eat out. Planning your daily meal will not harm your finances.

45. Opt for free banking. You don’t have to pay to keep your money in the bank. Fortunately, there are a lot of free banking options popping up everywhere.

46. Get accustomed to using your blankets and wearing more layers during the cold winter months. You will, without a doubt, save more on heating costs.

47. Invest in a home coffee maker and start brewing your own coffee.

48. Make sure you keep track of where your monthly spending goes. This will show you the places that consumes the most part of your income and how to cut down on it.

49. Setting your financial goals for the next few years will help you stay motivated and plan accordingly. For instance, if you have a goal to settle your debt in the next 12 months, It will be much easier to accomplish.

50. Use your cards less often. Going out and about with your credit or debit cards will always result in impulse buying. Instead, stack enough cash in your wallet while going out.

51. Get yourself a piggy bank, and you will be grateful you did at the end of it all.