DealsDaddy supports Orangutan Outreach to save the critically endangered Orangutans

The rainforests are depleting. Sweet melodies from the morning birds have been replaced by chainsaws. Deforestation is the new world order. The forests of Borneo and Sumatra, the natural habitat of our beloved orange friends, the Orangutans, are under severe threat due to the pressure of human demands. Logging, palm oil and rubber plantation, tree felling, and poaching have killed a lot of wildlife, displace many, and forced others to search for food on new frontiers. Orangutan Outreach has taken a bold step to become a guardian of the endangered Orangutans.


The mission of Orangutan Outreach is to save and protect the lives of these endangered species. They’ve partnered with locals, businesses, and government organizations to find shelter for displaced and orphaned Orangutans. Also, they work closely with partner organizations across the globe to protect the environment from further exploration. Every rescued and rehabilitated orangutan raises hope of a second chance for this endangered species. This is why Orangutan Outreach has taken concerted efforts to create and promote public awareness campaigns on ways to protect the lives of critically endangered orangutans and their natural habitats. The company has a strong passion for saving and protecting displaced and orphaned orangutans. Want to contribute your own little quota to protecting the lives of this endangered animal? Visit their website to learn more on how to show your support.