50 Ways to Lose Weight and Get In the Lean Lane

Looking for ways to cut down on excess fat and keep it off? Look no further. Here you will find a comprehensive list of ways to lose weight. You don’t need to work yourself out neither do you have to maintain a strict diet to burn fat. That’s far from it. Thankfully, there are many practical approaches that you can implement, and you’d surprised at the transformation within just a few weeks.
But before you start reading the tips we’re about to share, know this… all diets are effective. This is so because these diets are designed to reduce your calories intake. With that in mind, here are some proven weight loss tips and strategies.

1. Eat Real Food
Your weight loss efforts become futile if you don’t eat the right food. Healthy living centers on what you eat. Make sure you include unprocessed whole foods direct from nature into your diet.

2. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
In this fast-paced world, people hardly get enough rest. To lose weight fast, you need to sleep at least 8 hours every night. And when you wake up the next day, you will feel rejuvenated and revitalized. Try this for 7 days and keep tabs on the result.

sleeping school girl

3. Eat Home Prepared Meal
Eating out can be bad for your health. Most restaurants are trying to reduce expenses and stay profitable by using low-quality ingredients. Eating such unhealthy meal at all times will cause a spike in your health bill. Your best option is to cook at home; at least you know what’s inside your plate.

4. Diet Will Slow You Down
Many people have tried several diets but give up halfway simply because they feel deprived. One way to cut down excess fat without stress is to focus less on what you eat. Learn to appreciate food as fuel. Don’t be in haste to replace processed food with unprocessed whole foods. Take the transition process slowly. And within a short span of time, it will become a part of you.

5. Add Burpees to Your Workout Routine
Burpees offer a lot of health benefits, including burning a large number of calories and increasing heart rate. So if you’re looking to burn fat, incorporate burpees into your workout routine.

6. Know What You Eat
This might seem like a big task, but it is always a good idea to record everything you eat for at least a week. This list should include everything from gum, ice cream, snacks, homemade meal, and everything in-between. You actually don’t know how much food you consume until you keep track of it. In addition, you can cut down on those excesses that hinder your progress.

7. Avoid Processed Food
Ditch the junks – they are unhealthy. Stop eating or reduce the intake of processed food, and your belly will thank you for it.

8. Go with Your Cravings
Don’t be afraid to eat what you crave. For those on a diet plan, create a cheat meal at least once in a week. It’s not a bad thing to do. By doing so, certain foods will no longer occur to you as “off limits.”

9. Eat Breakfast
Do not miss the first meal of the day. Breakfast should be taken within 2 hours of waking. Failing to eat breakfast will definitely slow down metabolism. Not only that, but it also makes you eat more than your body needs all day long.

10. Eat Small Portions
As expected, reducing the amount of calorie you consume helps burn excess fat. One of the ways to achieve this is by eating in smaller portions.

11. Reduce Anxiety Level
When you’re anxious, it raises your stress level, which triggers weight gain. With regular exercise and spending time in the outdoors, you can easily eliminate anxiety. Doing this will help you maintain a slim body for a long time.

12. Run
One of the most effective ways to workout is trying high-intensity sprints. This not only increases the heart rate but makes you gasp for more oxygen, allowing you to burn calories long after you’re done with your workouts.

13. Stay Away From Alcohol
Ditch the alcohol and replace with clean natural drinking water. If you are an alcoholic, now is the time to cut down on those green bottles.

woman drining

14. Go Completely Gluten-Free
This is another great way to stay lean for life. Choose your food wisely when eating out.

15. Eat Slowly
Chewing on a mouth full and fast can result in a bloated feeling. On the other hand, you will consume less food when you eat slowly. It allows you to get full a lot faster, thus reducing the number of calories you consume.

16. Eat Fish Oil Regularly
Make sure you eat fish oil with every meal. Fish oil contains Omega 3, which aids in reducing the effects of omega 6’s found in most of the processed food on the market today. Incorporating fish oil into your daily diet increases your omega 3 intakes. Sardines is one great source of Omega 3.

17. Spend Time in the Sun
Perhaps, the reason why you keep struggling with your weight loss goals is due to insufficient Vitamin D in your body. Sunlight is a major source of vitamin D. You can either spend some time in the sun daily or take Vitamin D soft gels.

18. Keep Stress Level Low
Stress is a major trigger for weight gain. When you get stressed out, it increases your insulin level, which in turn hampers weight loss. So whatever you do, stay away from stressful activities.

19. Take No-Calorie Drinks
Always drink a lot of water, diet soda, coffee, and other mixes.

20. Snack between Meals
Snacking between meals not only prevents you from eating excess food at lunch and dinner, but it also keeps your body busy throughout the day. This, in turn, increases metabolism.

21. Eat Calcium-Rich Food
One of the major sources of calcium is yogurt. Taking extra calcium in your body will help burn more fat.

22. Eat Nuts
Nuts make you feel fuller when compared to a wide variety of foods. And even though nuts are high in calories, they are processed differently in the body. So no matter the number of peanuts you
eat, it has no weight gain effect.

23. Do Not Starve Yourself
Your body only uses two-thirds of what it consumes. Deficiency in nourishments makes the body work extra hard to pull nutrient from whatever food is consumed. And when you tend to fuel up, it takes longer for the food to be processed. When this happens, your body stores the food as fat. This is why it is important that you eat regularly.

24. Your Emotions Matter
Your eating pattern may be influenced by your mood. You may feel the urge to snack when you are lonely, happy, joyful, anxious, depressed, or stressed. If you discover that you often eat when you are happy or depressed, then something is wrong.

25. Eat Your Favorite Food Once in a While
The more you try to keep away from your favorite food, which ultimately is considered bad for your health, the higher the cravings.

26. Weigh Yourself
To check up on your weight loss progress, use the scale at least once a week. Don’t be too carried away by the numbers. The scale is to help you keep track of your progress and nothing more.

27. Avoid Sugary Food
Of all the foods on the planet, sugar is the last thing you’d like to take. Sugar and other processed grain trigger weight gain. So avoid it like the plague.

28. Walk
If you have an errand to run, take a walk. Ditch the elevators, instead take the stairs.

29. Stay Active
Getting actively involved in sports activities is a plus for your overall health. Create time out of your busy schedule for sporting events.

30. Drink Water Before Each Meal
This will prevent you from overeating. Drinking water before each meal makes you satiated a lot faster than you think.

31. Drink Green Tea
Green tea can help you slim down thanks to its antioxidant and caffeine properties.

32. Eat Fat before Each Meal
Make sure you eat healthy nuts or dark chocolate a few minutes before your meal. Fat stimulates the release of hormones which tells your brain that you can’t eat any more food.

33. Eat Hot Soups
Hot soups prevent overeating as well. Make sure that you eat them hot and slow.

34. Eat Protein
You will feel fuller and satiated when you eat protein before your carbs and fat

35. Test Yourself
Everyone likes to get things done easily. However, it is advisable to do things differently every once in a while. This will allow you to move more. Instead of taking short cuts during a morning walk, use the longer route.

36. Drink Black Coffee
Coffee has an array of health benefits, including fat burning. Stock up on black coffee but drink it in moderation.

37. Drink Water
It is recommended that you drink 64 ounces of water per day. Not only does it reduce cravings but also make you satiated and fuller faster. Do not hesitate to drink up whenever you feel thirsty.

38. Fast before Workout
Always avoid eating before hitting the gym. The longer your body goes without food while working out, the better your chances of burning stored fat.

39. Keep Away From Coconut Oil
No doubt, coconut oil is a healthy food choice, but if you are looking to burn fat reduce intake. This is because coconut oil is 100% fat.

40. Take Charge of Your Grocery List
Many people find it hard to leave out junks out of their grocery list, using their kids as an excuse. Whereas, in the real sense, you make the buying decision. If your kids keep clamoring for unhealthy food, why buy them when you know the health implications?

41. Eat Healthy All Week Long
Many people eat healthy during the week and drop their guards on the weekend. They splurge on processed food and spend most of the weekends at the most exotic restaurants. Not only that, they drink all sorts of alcohol. This eating pattern will only worsen your health issues, particularly if you are trying to lose weight.

42. Stay Away From Butter
You love butter, no doubt, but it contains a lot of calories. Eating too much butter is therefore not good for your health.

43. Go Vegan
Animal products are high in calories when compared to plant products. Eliminating animal products will help reduce calorie intake.

vegan girl

44. Keep Off Frozen Foods
Learn to eat healthily and avoid frozen pre-packaged snacks, including fish fingers, chicken tenders, and more. These foods will make you gain more fat.

45. Be Realistic With Your Weight Loss Goals
When starting out on your weight loss journey, be sure to set realistic goals. Don’t set the bar way too high otherwise, you will not pull through.

46. Be Mindful of the Holiday Season
Fun and excitement feel the air during the holiday season. It is a period when most people eat without caution. However, many people tend to gain more weight during this period than at any time of the year. So be mindful of what you eat during the holidays.

47. Get Yourself New Fitness Wear
New activewear encourages you to stay active and work out more often.

48. Socialize
Spend time with family friends. The benefits of hanging out are enormous one of which is stress reduction.

49. Don’t Do More Than You Can Handle
Do not engage in sporting activities that your body can’t handle. Overtraining negatively impacts your weight loss efforts and triggers weight gain via the huge amount of cortisol release you inject into your body system.

50. Go to Work With Healthy Lunch
One of the best ways to avoid eating junks while away from home is to pack a lunch. Make sure you leave for work with something healthy.