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More Info About Anantara Hotel

There are several opportunities to widen our horizons, encounter the new, and seek exceptional in everyday life. At Anantara, the worldly guests concur to the fact that a stay in the luxury destination marks a spot in the lifetime of exploration and travel. For this reason, they strive to leave it as such. Born in 2001 and inspired by Huan Hin’s seaside retreat, the Anantara experience follows the initial luxury property in the history of Thailand. Since that day, the Anantara’s expansion has gone through desert sands, lush islands, cosmopolitan cities, contemporary resort destinations, uncharted beaches, and heritage destinations. Presently, the company’s portfolio spans Zambia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Portugal, Oman, Mozambique, the Maldives, Indonesia, China, and Cambodia.

The luxurious design of the hotels and resorts will give the customers a window into the brimming life of the chosen destination. Within the interior and the exterior, the property travelers engage with people, places, and stories which make them unmatched in the industry to date. With Anantara’s wide doors flung open, visitors may curate a lifetime of memories of the personal experience, indulgence, and adventure. The Spa & Wellness option gives female occupants the opportunity to cater to their beauty while in the resort as well.