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More Info About Btfy & FAQ on Discounts Offer

Virtually every woman uses makeup to enhance their beauty. To get easy access to your makeup, it is best always to keep it well organized and at a location where you can easily see it. Most women have several makeup accessories, but due to lack of storage, they are underutilized. For some, they misplace and are never found. But when you keep your makeup organized, accessing it whenever you need it won’t have to be difficult.

For this reason, Btfy has designed and created makeup and jewellery storage for proper keeping. The company is located in Manchester and has a professional team who designs and source lovely items for the best moments in life. The company, which started as a tabletop makeup and jewellery storage, has expanded and diversified into other products. Today, Btfy also offer lighting, art, textiles, furniture, textiles and more. Regardless of your location within the UK, you will get your order delivered within 24 hours. They aim to boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem with their range of products. Makeup storages are beautifully designed and compact. Hence you can take them with you even while on the road. Get the best products at an affordable price.

Q. Is it compulsory to register for Newsletters?
A. If you register for the newsletter, you would get regular updates on new arrivals and offers they would be running from time to time.

Q. Would I be charged anything for Shipping? What is the delivery time for the shipment?
A. You won’t be charged anything for the shipping of your products. As per standard delivery, it would normally take 3-5 working days.

Q. Would I get the shipment faster than the standard delivery time?
A. You can get the shipment delivered the next day by paying a nominal cost of £2.99.

Q. What are the payment options available?
A. You can pay your purchase amount fully at the time of purchase or can do the payment in 3 equal instalments.

Q. Would I be charged any fees for converting the payment into instalments?
A. No, You won’t be charged anything for converting your payment into instalments. You can opt for the offer at the time of purchase if the amount is above £75 and you can pay the amount in instalments without paying any extra penny in interest, late payment or fess.