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Opening its doors to the general public after the First World War, Bettys has been serving people tasty and creamy tea and cakes. With more than a century in the tea industry, Bettys is a favourite choice for tea lovers. Founded by Swiss baker and chocolatier Fritz Butzer, the company has been making strides in the industry ever since.

The founder left his hometown for greener pasture elsewhere. His first port of call was in France where he enrolled for lessons on how to master the art of confectionary. After his training in France, he relocated to England, where he did a name change to Frederic Belmont. In 1919, Frederick opened its first cafe in Harrogate. 11 years after opening its first cafe, the company opened new branches and a new bakery, expanding its reach to customers around the country. If you seek a great place to relax and unwind, find your way to one of Bettys cafes. Perhaps, you are unable to visit their physical store due to your busy schedule? Not to worry, you can place an order for your tea specials via their website. You will be spoilt for choice with the range of options available for you to choose from.