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When planning a vacation, we want to make sure everything is going to happen just as planned. The more reason why you are advised to always plan ahead of time. Whether you are going on a vacation, short visit, or business trip, it is important that you get your travel plans right from the onset. Prominent among the things to put in check is your accommodation. When you stay in a type of accommodation that satisfies you, then you will always look forward to staying here on your next visit. However, your second time at the hotel might be boring because nothing has practically changed. If you are such an adventurous soul who doesn’t like to engage in monotonous service, then there is something for you. Damac Hotels and Resorts is just what you’re looking for. They offer different accommodation types in the same location. This means you can patronize the same hotel but the experiences will be different as you can choose to stay in different locations.

Damac Hotels and Resorts have 5 distinct hotels in Dubai, offering distinctive services, environments, and experiences. Apartment types to choose from include studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms all with their own dining, living room, and fully equipped kitchen area.

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