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Where does your mind wander when you think ‘Dobies’? While it may sound like a sensational type of snack or a type of sports, Dobies is an online website where seeds blossom. Since 1880, the company has been supplying flower and vegetable seeds to gardeners. For over fifty years now, the company which started in the Chester area has grown to amass several customers throughout the UK. However, this is not rocket science.

They also offer young annual plants which you can purchase as fruit, plus bulbs, or post. You can also shop for garden equipment if you wish to start a mini garden or if you want to resuscitate your dying farm. The website is also an affiliate with the Dobbies Garden Centre.

They are constantly working to be the brand that offers the best price on the market and with an exceptional range of products that are competitively priced. Check out the catalog and the ‘gardening essentials’ to view a list of items that you must have as a gardener.

How do you like your vegetables and fruits? If you said ‘fresh,’ then you are in luck. You can also buy different seeds at Dobies’. In addition, learn new hacks on how to keep chickens in one of the colorful widgets on the website.