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More Info About Dokter Online

Living a healthy life is something that requires having the necessary knowledge about your body and its entire well-being. So where can one get that desired knowledge? Dokter Online is an information website as well as an online consumer service. Their website offers insightful information about various health issues. However, it does not own or offer the product itself, but rather it makes arrangements for licensed pharmacies and distributors to deliver products to your doorstep. Furthermore, they are also responsible for helping clients schedule a meeting with an EU registered doctor.

As an e-health service provider, Dokter Online offers resources, advice and makes arrangements for consultation with doctors for a broad range of health issues for both men and women. Some of the issues treated include birth control, morning-after pill, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), erectile dysfunction, hair loss, premature ejaculation, and much more. You also have other health issues like genital warts and herpes, HIV.

Furthermore, pain management is not left out of their services. They also provide information on how to deal with health conditions like headaches, migraine, stomach aches, among others. Keep in mind that Dokter Online is not an online pharmacy neither is it an online doctor. What they basically do is to keep you updated with the latest information in the health sector as well as arrange for a consultation with licensed doctors.