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More Info About Electrical World

What is great about electricity? By popular demand, electricity is everything! Talk about transportation, motors, lights, microwave, even the gadgets via which you read right now. What wouldn’t you do without electricity? In my humble opinion, nothing! When you think of anything electrical, Electrical World should come to mind first. As one of the few companies that have garnered some respect and reputation for itself over a short span of 9 years, the company is a product of humble and meaningful beginnings. John Coalter, an expert electrician weaved this dream company from the tender age of 20 – making it the first of its kind. Hence, the company is a sum of expertise, knowledge, and purpose. Interestingly, John’s dream started to fruition at age 13 since he carves a niche feeling for IT and the internet – which he got a hang of before other members of his community.

Right from its inception, Electrical World is a recipient of several awards and recognition in the industry. Initially known as ‘Security & Electrical Supplies’, the company had to rebrand to absorb more customers around the globe. Presently, they boast of 50 territories across the globe with the base warehouse in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. Quality and excellent customer service are what you should expect from them.

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