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More than a vacation, adventure travel unlocks different parts in your hearts you never knew were there. Adventure travel offers you a lifetime opportunity to now the world better by putting yourself on a first-name basis with things, places, and people that make the exploration worth the while. Go get the plant, it is yours. With G Adventures, you will find a discreet team of adventure travel experts who have conquered the world together. Having been in existence for 20 years, travel experts listen to the needs of travelers and give them the exact thing they want. From the top-notch staff to top-notch places, they will be your companion at affordable prices. When you travel in small groups, the world becomes a lab. More than a big-bus tour or a solo traveler, small group travels offers you a chance t see the world in different ways. Most importantly, companionship offers access, security, and camaraderie. More so, there is an affinity you have with your destination when you travel thus. What do you get? 1. 24/7 service. 2. Lifetime deposits. 3. 100% guaranteed departures 4. 15% off certain trekking tours such as Nepal, Kilimanjaro, Europe, and Columbia You will also get direct travel tour ideas if you need a push for a great adventure.