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As one of the most consumed beverages globally today, there is a need for high-quality machines and appliances that should make preparing a cup of coffee easy-peasy. Whether you are a world acclaimed barista or just an individual with an undying love for coffee, you would need the right tools if you want to make that quality coffee that you crave. Hario knows fully well that for you to make an excellent cup of coffee, you would need an excellent set of tools. Having been dubbed the ‘King of Glass’ and in the manufacturing of heatproof glass since 1921, Hario definitely knows its onions when it comes to producing durable coffee making equipment.

At Hario, the goal is to produce an exquisite blend of functionality and quality. And this they have incorporated into all of their products. These products include coffee grinders, coffee press, water dripper, coffee scales, ice coffee maker, coffee syphon, kettles and others that are sure to put a smile on every coffee lover’s face worldwide. Hario isn’t restricted to just coffee and also makes items that would help you make a perfect cup of tea as well. They also manufacture delightful products that would fit perfectly in your kitchen.