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More Info About Humbrol

Superior quality paints are at the core of business ethics at Humbrol. It is interesting to know that the company has maintained such standards for more than a hundred years. Before establishing its reputation for quality and excellence, the pain company was widely acclaimed for its modeling prowess. In 1919, the company supplied bicycle oil to the army of cyclists at Hull. 16 years later, they innovated Art Enamel coupled with the production of paints to renovate cycles. Their history also outlines the launching of the first-ever set of twelve colors. At a meager sixpence, the twelve colors were available for the repainting of a complete cycle frame. To date, the thirst for value and superiority remains the watchword of Humbrol. Presently, you will find more than 170 colors in the portfolio. Their customer base comprises 56 countries to whom they export millions of tinlets. The worldwide recognition seats in the knowledge and respect for Humbrol’s exceptional services and quality. When you want a mixture of crafts, hobbies, and modeling, you will get the best from Humbrol. In the model-making fraternity, there is no other business with regard to uncompromised quality and affordability. Although history is the company that was founded on paint, there are diverse products such as modeling tools, adhesives, glues, and application products.