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More Info About Lakes Distillery

Are you in search of perfection? Then pick any product from The Lake Distillery, and you will find it. There has never been a better blend of originality and thoroughness bottled up with expertise. Lake Distilleries since its inception in 2014 have solely sought to bring to all lovers of whiskey and gin worldwide the best. Their obsession with quality drives them to ensure that the highest standards are met right from the selection of raw materials down to the hand-selection of the finest casks.
Their location provides them with constant access to high-quality water from the Bassenthwaite Lake and the Derwent River. And the only grain they use in production which is Barley is also locally sourced, so it doesn’t have to travel far. The barley is low in nitrogen and high in starch which produces an end result in the form of a delightfully ‘light’ spirit. At Lakes Distillery, the importance of wood doesn’t go unnoticed. They understand that the finished whiskey gets about 60% of its character from the cask that it matures in. This is why only woods such as the American oak, bourbon barrels, Spanish oak, and Oloroso sherry are used for casks. Their patience and the prime climate condition allows for the perfect maturity of the whiskey in due time. All these along with their team of experts overseeing every bit of the production process only strengthens the belief that the Lakes Distillery is only interested in delivering one of the leading malt spirits in the world. If you are interested in seeing what lies behind the curtains, Lake Distilleries offer tours to show people around their factories and buildings. They also offer free deliveries within the UK for orders over £75.

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