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The elixir of all plants is water. For optimal growth, plants naturally require a specific amount of water. Just as nature intended, the Lechuza irrigation system helps plant extraction. Now, there is no problem with overwatered or dried out root bales with the new reservoir system that I controlled by a water level indicator. Lechuza has become an expert in functional and beautiful planters that are sourced from high-quality plastic. The superb design, proven quality, and sophisticated features are the unique features of the innovative company. To find the right planter for every plant, there are several coordinating sizes that are available for different designs such as interior décor and table decoration. The company has several years of expertise in plastic processing as well. The planters at Lechuza are of different shapes and colors with high reliability. The soil irrigation system is integrated and helps the pant to receive a great amount of water. Lechuza extended its range of offerings to modern weave designs and stylish garden furniture. The customer base at Lechuza spans across more than 70 countries from the heart of Dientenhofen in Franconia in Germany. With filters such as Color, Assortment, Surface Type, Size, and New, you can make a selection with one click on the mouse.