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More Info About Lighthouse Clothing

Taking the ethnicities of London and the Irish Sea and quilting them together in a dress is something that can only be done by lighthouse clothing because they have taken their northern cultural heritage to a new level with their fabrics and apparel. The physical store of this brand is located on the boundaries of Belfast facing the Irish Sea. They are a small company that just started a few years back but now they own a big range of retail shops in England, 100 plus legitimate reviews, and enough online customers. The company started working in the footsteps of its parent company i.e. Target Dry. The latter has an experience of 30 years which is compiled into the modesty and latest trends to start an online business with the name The Light House Clothing.

The light house is an independent clothing brand i.e. working with many affiliate branches that sale clothing stuff on their behalf. They have a parent company named Target Dry as they offer completely waterproof clothing materials and apparels.

The brand offers fashionable yet cultural stuff in women and men clothing i.e. readied with high quality stuff woven personally by the brand. This is because they never take fabric form other retailers or shops in fact they ready it by themselves.

Types of Cloth they offers: Well, the brand offers men, women and kids clothing stuff in ready to wear form that is prepared with latest cuts and stitches. The dresses are inspired by sereneness of the wild Irish Sea, seashores and coastal living. Thus they offer coats, jackets, tops, hats, sweatshirts and especially designed designer puddle-suits for kids

Salient features:

First and foremost feature of Light house club is designs of the suits they offer. They are not just stylish and trendy but have a sense of tribal love in them. The life around the coast line is viewable by these dresses and cloths as they are eccentric pieces of art.

Secondly, as an online shopping site, now they own customers from all around the world not just from Irish Sea and northern islands thus they have transformed the styles slightly by giving them metropolitan and urban touches.

Thirdly, they are, no doubt, new brand for the online world but they have experience of three decades from their parent company. Thus they know what they are doing, what they should and that will be done.

Fourthly, they offer waterproof cloths. You know weather around the coastal areas is quite unpredictable. On one second there is proper sunshine and the very next moment it starts raining. Thus you need cloths that won’t only look stylish but also keep your body dry, and this is what White House Clothing stuff got in it.

Moreover, they are offering special kind of jackets called breath-ability 5000GSM that keeps people warmer throughout the seasons even if it is rainy day. The fabric is enriched in quality material thus condensation inside the jacket can’t be built up.

Furthermore, stitching of the dresses is stylish, trendy, enriched in the latest cuts but it is reliable as well. It allows you to go along the watery areas without damaging the sewn stitches of your dress. The small tiny holes between the stitches are filled by heat shrunk tapping.

How to Order: Well, you can order direct from the website, they will ask you to fill up a form regarding your information such as name, email address, delivering destiny address and some of your bank details. Once it’s done, brand will call you to verify your order and once it is confirmed, it will be dispatched.

Delivery can take up to 10 days in case of some serious conditions otherwise 6 to 9 days are more than enough to supply your orders even if you are living on the other side of the planet. Charges of he deliveries will be decided as per the destination.

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