Lisa Angel Discount Code for Aug 2022

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FAQ About Lisa Angel Discounts

Have you ever considered having personalized jewellery? I am sure that the thought of it sounds is very exciting. If you desire to have some of the most amazing personalized jewellery and accessories, then Lisa Angel is definitely the right place for you. You will find everything from personalized accessories, to personalized homewares, gifts, and more. Enjoy personalized, earrings, watches, brooches & pins, anklets, charms & pendants, and more. Having your homeware personalized can bring a pleasant feeling. The joy that comes with feeling like you own your own brand of homewares can be overwhelming. Walking into your kitchen to pick up a mug or glass with your name on it can bring a feeling of elation and a deep sense of pride, self-worth, and value.

In a similar fashion, enjoy the beauty of writing with your own pen and stationeries. From homewares to scarves, gifts, and wedding décor, you can be sure that it will be adorned with your own name or personalized in any way you so desire. Various clients will enjoy personalized dates hand-drawn images, handwritten messages, messages, names, initials, and more. You will find a long list of beautiful items on Lisa Angel and you will be enchanted once you have it personalized exclusively for you.

Q. What are your discounts and offers currently available?
A. You can visit the website and find that you can use the coupon 24OFF24HOURS to your orders at the checkout page where you will get 24% off on everything.

Q. Do you have gift vouchers available?
A. Yes they do have gift vouchers available which you can find on their GIFT VOUCHER section under the Gift tab on the homepage where they begin from £5 to £25 accordingly.

Q. Any discounts for students?
A. For students, they’ll require to register and verify their student status. Later they will receive 10% off on various items and accessories.

Q. Any benefits on subscriptions?
A. You will receive a 10% off code via email which you can use on your next order once you subscribe to their newsletters. Also, you will receive updates regarding new offers and promotions.

Q. Do you offer a free shipment option for delivery?
A. You will get free shipping on your order if your orders cost £15 or more as no shipping would be charged.

Q. Is the express shipping option available?
A. Yes they do also ship items using express delivery where you will be charged £4 and the item will be delivered the next day.