Mindful Chef Discount Code for Jun 2022

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FAQ about Mindful Chef Discounts

Discover UK’s highest rated recipe box where you get to choose and cook your meal even with your busy schedule. Mindfulchef creates meal kits that help busy people follow a lean and healthy lifestyle with very easy to follow recipes. All recipes can be made within thirty minutes and the recipe box starts as low as £4.50 per meal. Their recipe box contains everything you need for a meal in the easiest format to prepare and cook. They are currently the only recipe box delivery service offering plant-based options for vegans with high-quality ingredients. Ingredients contained in the recipe boxes are already measured out to avoid wastage. They have three different sizes of recipe boxes- for one, two, or four people. You choose your box size and choose the recipes you want to try each week and they ensure they are delivered right to your door. Clever filtered are available on their home page to help you select your preferred option (only fish, vegan, etc) without you sifting through all the recipes. Their frozen meal option offers delicious healthy meals that can be prepared under 8 minutes. This option is just like the recipe boxes but the cooking has already been done so you just have to defrost and prepare. The recipe box range covers- breakfast smoothies, lunchtime soups, and frozen meal. After a long day’s work, you are assured of getting a healthy meal without any hassle!

Q. What kinds of offers are available?
A. Currently they are offering up to 29% discount on different dishes. You need to visit the website to check it out as there are different discount for each dishes.

Q. What is the benefit of Newsletters?
A. By registering for the newsletters you would be getting regular updates on new meals that are prepared by the team of Chefs along with the discount offer they run from time to time.

Q. Do they provide recipes for the dishes the chefs make?
A. They provide recipe books for all the dishes their chefs prepare. You would get a discount of £10 on the first 2 recipe books you purchase.

Q. Is there any option to recycle with them?
A. Yes, they are very environment friendly and so they provide you with an option to recycle the bags and boxes. You would get a label attached to it. You can return the labelled boxes along with the recipe book, Tins like coconut milk, jackfruit, pet trays used for chicken, pork, turkey. To know more details on the products they recycle, you need to visit their website.