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Morgan & French is your one-stop-shop for gorgeous pieces of customised jewellery, designed by a team of highly experienced designers. When the company started in 2006, they broke into the market with the brand name Fingerprint Jewellery. Founded by Lisa Morgan, the company featured a wide range of jewellery for her customers.

As her customer base increased, she added new creative designs. However, to celebrate their ten years in the jewellery industry in 2016, the new name – Morgan & French – was birthed. This was followed by a newly designed website and a range of new original designs.

As a company, Morgan & French aims to create stunning quality jewellery products that customers can customise. Now you can add your own words, dates, drawings, names, and anything you can possibly think of to your jewellery piece. This will make a great gift for that special someone including those who are hard to please with gift items. Tell a story and celebrate memorable moments with the finest pieces of jewellery on the market.

Worried about the budget? You don’t have to. Take advantage of the website’s discount codes available. These voucher codes are a great way to save money when purchasing these jewellery pieces.

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