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Extra Information on Planet Warrior

With the advent of global degradation of the ecosystem, there is an urgent need to protect the ecosystem with eco-friendly products.
Planet Warrior, makers of Eco-friendly yoga products are taking the lead in making products from recycled plastics and rubber. This eco-friendly company is managed by two sisters – Josie and Juliette – who right from their childhood days are lovers of nature. Their love for nature sprout from their childhood memories making their product targeted at keeping the water and beaches clean by recycling waste to create unique eco-friendly products.

Their range of products includes Yoga bra, yoga leggings, yoga mats, caps in bright colours and friendly textures. This renowned Company in Eco-friendly product is based in Great Britain. All products and packages used are eco-friendly.

• The tissue paper boxes are made from 99% acid-free and recyclable pulp fiber.
• Packaging tapes are made from 100% recycled cardboard core.
• Postcard print is made from 100% recycled uncoated board.

If you are a lover of clean nature and have a passion for combatting plastics waste, you can become a partner. Visit the website for more details. Yoga can be fun while keeping the environment green and free from waste with Eco-yoga products from Planet Warrior.

Their wears are very comfortable and unique. Make your orders online from the comfort of your home with a click of the button. Delivery can be made to any part of the world at the standard shipping rate. Become a partner today and join the crusade to preserve the ecosystem. Look fabulous as a Warrior of our beautiful planet!