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Shopping guide for Road Angel Group

At Road Angel, a team of dedicated experts work together to produce a device that improves safety on Britain’s road. By educating and advising road users on road speed limits, fixed safety cameras, mobile speed enforcement sites, and other dangers to drivers, they help reduce the hazards experienced on the road.

With the ever-changing safety camera vans, average speed cameras, speed on green traffic lights, and accident blackspots, Road Angel keep you adequately informed and up to date with the latest changes to keep you legal and safe each and every time you drive.

With the Road Angel Pure, you can watch the road ahead, get to know your actual speed and average speed, and also get to know the speed limits. You can hook it on personal devices; phones or personal computers, and have it configured to your personal preference via the built-in SIM. This ensures you are up to date with the latest information required for you to drive safely.
Road Angel is literally personal guardian angels that ensure you are safe whenever you use the road. Speed cameras are there solely for your safety. But as the speed limits continue to change, it might be quite easy to make an honest mistake. Drive safe and be well informed on the road, using Road Angel.