Safejawz Discount Code for Nov 2023

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Extra Information About Safejawz

With the risk of severe injuries to the face and mouth ever-present in hardcore sports, it is important to always put safety first. Or at the very least, try to minimize the possible damage that could be done. To this end, Safejawz is here to cater to the needs of athletes specifically in the fields of boxing, MMA, rugby, and hockey.

Safejawz is a company that specializes in creating the best mouth guards obtainable on the market today. All mouth guards and gum shields available on their shelves have been carefully prepared by a team of dental technicians who put individual safety first in all respect. As such, all products featured are only made with materials that are completely user friendly and without any harmful or side effects.

Safejawz features a custom fit section on their site that allows customers to design the mouthguards of their choice and it will be produced within 7 days. The ease of designing custom mouth guards has been further enhanced by their very easily understandable self-impression kit that they have made available on their website. With this kit, you can determine your dental fit in just 10 minutes. This not only saves you the time to take a trip down to your dentist but also saves you the financial expense.


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