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FAQ about Sonos UK Discounts & Delivery

Isn’t it beautiful; how you can get busy in the kitchen with dinner and have your favorite boombox, singing your best tracks? Or you’re so bored at work, but the vibrant track from your music box helps you to stay awake? Think about those fun Sundays when you spend time with family on a rewarding picnic, birds chirping in the sky, and serenading to that sweet country music from the speakers? It is straightforward. Music is food for the soul and is deserving of the best audio systems to filter every sound. At Sonos, the aim is to provide quality sound systems in different sizes and at different prices. There is always something for every budget and taste. Regardless of the song or volume, Sonos purely filters the sound so that you hear every wording of your favorite tune. Fine-tuned by Grammy- and Oscar-winners, Sonos adopts an unbeatable acoustics and engineering mechanism from the inside out. Sonos offers:

• Brilliant and crystal clear sound at any volume level
• Easy and quick setup schemes and use
• Customizable options so that you play whatever you want and wherever you are
• Several options to select from, depending on your end-use
• Affordable sound systems in different colors for as low as £229

Q. What is the student offer available?
A. You can register for the newsletter and you would be getting the details related to new offers and new launches. After registering you would be getting regular updates related to all the discounts.

Q. Is there any way to track the orders?
A. You can track your orders once the shipment is done. You need to visit the site and track your order under the option order status. Also, they would be providing you with mail about the details of the shipment done. If you have registered your mobile number, you would be getting the link via SMS through which you can track your shipment.

Q. What are the shipment charges for the products purchased?
A. There is no charge for the shipment.

Q. Who is the delivery partner? What is the delivery time period for the products purchased?
A. They have partnered with DHL for all the products delivered. The delivery time taken for the shipment is 3-5 working days.

Q. What would happen if there is no one at the delivery address?
A. DHL would make a second attempt to deliver your shipment if there is no one at your delivery address.

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