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The history of heels dates back to the 15th century. This specific footwear was used by Persian soldiers to secure their feet in the stirrup while taking a horse ride. As these Persian soldiers started migrating to other parts of Europe, they didn’t leave their unique shoe designs behind. This quickly gained popularity among male aristocrats so they can stand out by height while in a gathering alongside other common men.

Today, the womenfolk have taken over this shoe style. Now you can find different shoes, designs, and heights. Sadly, the wearer might suffer health challenges to the feet and improper body posture if not worn the right way. Good news is that they are shoe companies that are more concerned about the wellbeing of your feet. One such name is Sticky Heelz.

The company was established on the basis of providing quality heel pads and shoe pads. Shop for shoe pads that connect, and heel pads that are designed to enhance comfort at Sticky Heelz. The pads give such a great cushioning effect. On their website, you will find a range of products to choose from. The pads are available for all types of shoes, whether stilettoes or flats.


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