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With the number of sexually transmitted diseases in the world today and the rate at which these diseases are contracted, the wise way to play is to always ensure one’s own safety. To be on the safe side, it is best to conduct a regular test to ascertain the presence or absence of the disease. Sexually transmitted diseases are running rampant today; hence it is necessary to always know your status so as to ensure your safety and that of others. Sexual health is a very sensitive issue, especially in a world where information travels fast. Therefore, there are 3 key factors to consider before choosing a laboratory to entrust your sexual health concerns. These factors are privacy, convenience, and reliability. At The Gum Clinic, you are sure of a discreet, reliable, and convenient service to test for sexually transmitted infections.

Their professionalism is unbeatable. They simply post you a testing kit that you send back in a business envelope awaiting notification of results from the clinic. With The Gum Clinic, there are no unnecessary intimate tests. Using just urine and swab analysis alone, your sexual health can be ascertained, thus eliminating the need for a physical examination. Their website has provisions for getting the test kit, getting information on various sexually transmitted infections as well as information about various symptoms. Their 24-hour helpline option is always available.