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More Info About Shaftesbury Hotels

Shaftesbury Hotels Collection gets its inspiration from the Covent Garden and the Piccadilly Circus, which reflect the diversity and history of the great city of London. Offering the best form of hospitality in Europe, the Hotel Collection boasts of a collection of properties. Since every hotel is different, you will expect Shaftesbury Hotels to follow the trend. When you are in the hotel’s surroundings, you can experience the feel and flavour of the dynamism and exceptional customer service offered. More so, you will enjoy an elevated level of convenience, comfort, and confidence that you’re getting good value for your money. Whether you are at the Kensington retreat, West End Hotel, and the Paddington pied-a-terre, the atmosphere gets better even. The Shaftesbury collection of hotels puts Central London and Hyde Park right at your doorstep. And if you want a well-equipped suite, a weekend getaway or a stylish room to crash, and the feel of a four or five-star hotel stay, Shaftesbury is your best bet. The Collection’s hotels stand tall in the heart of London, where you can enjoy the fresh air and bask in the glory of the city. Check out ‘Special Offers’ for good deals on extended stays.

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