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More Info About Tuk Shoes

From Kitty galore to Statement sneakers, two-tone to running wild, high sole creeper to low sole creeper, heel, boots, and everything in-between – these are some of the great ideas brought to the table by TUKShoes. TUK is a company that has been around since 1991 and has remained focused on creating bold, original footwear for both male and female folk. Made for and inspired by artists, bands, music fanatics, fashionistas, and individuals with eclectic tastes, TUK Shoes creates a blend of creative style with an original edge. They consistently rise above the norm to provide a range of shoes from traditional classics to modern upstarts. According to the company tradition, normal is boring. The TUK creepers, originally worn by the British soldiers during World War II due to its usefulness during times of extreme heat, has since found its way into the modern-day fashion world. They are a company that creates a twist of gritty style and creative edge. With these styles which originated from England but perfected in San Diego, TUK shoes is one footwear company that has stood the test of time, creating original footwear for men, women, and children for over 25 years. They also offer free delivery in the UK for orders above £100 and have a good return policy.