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More Info About Zoono

Germs are the causative organisms of a wide array of illnesses. Protecting oneself from these bacterial microbes is all in a day’s job with Zoono. This is an antimicrobial solution producing company with over ten years of service in the bag. It is centered on the development, production, and global distribution of these unique solutions to the world’s bacterial problem. The company has a clear competitive advantage with its innovations towards this solution. These solutions come in antibacterial and disinfecting products for personal, household, and even commercial usage.

Each product is manufactured with a revolutionary antibacterial technology, which is now available on the company’s website. This technology is tested and trusted by families and has a shelf life of 3-5 years. Zoono basically offers your bodies, homes, and personal space the sterility it craves, which in turn grants you, its host, the ability to live free from sicknesses. There are products for different purposes. From personal use in the form of hand sanitizers, wipes, acne remedy, wound cleansers, and feminine care to home use via its surface cleaners, surface wipes, mould guards and room deodorizers, and lastly for commercial use with all-purpose shields, deodorizers, surface cleaners, and mould guards, courtesy of Zoono. What then makes Zoono different?

• It kills 99.99% of bacteria.
• It is gentle and non-toxic to the skin.
• It is made with zero alcohol percentage.
• Grants up to 30 days of protection when used on surfaces.
• It has met food safety legislation from national government agencies as products are now water-based.