5 Tips for Living with Less Plastic

With the sporadic news about plastic clogging drainage, littering the environment and polluting the oceans, one tends to think of ways to put an end to these issues. If you are one of those willing to make a difference, check out a few lifestyle changes that can reduce plastic waste.

1. Use Shopping Bag More Often
Plastic bags don’t break down easily when disposed of. However, most shoppers own reusable bags but fail to carry them when going shopping. To avoid this, create a special spot by your front door where you can keep all reusable bags in the home. Be sure to find a spot that works best for you be it in your laptop bag, compartment, etc. Even if you forget to take a reusable bag along, try to see if you can carry your items without using a plastic bag.

2. Bring a Reusable Water Bottle
Bottled water is discarded as soon as its content gets used up; they can never be reused. So, therefore, it is healthier and more eco-friendly to carry a reusable water bottle. Apart from its benefits to the environment, you also save more. Most reusable water bottles are made from steel, glass and other recyclable materials. More so, they are easy to clean, maintain and lightweight.

Living with Less Plastic

3. Invest In a Personalized Cup
Coffee enthusiasts are always on the lookout for spots where they can enjoy coffee on the go. Majority of these take away cups are found clogging the drainage, in landfills or floating on the ocean waters. One of the ways to curb this problem is to bring your own reusable cup. Fortunately, there are lots of stylishly designed reusable cups that are easy to carry everywhere you go. In the same vein, eco-friendly coffee shops are popping up around every corner today, so try and locate one.

4. Take Lunch to Work in a Reusable Container
For those who want to cut down on their daily expenses, cooking meals at home and taking your own lunch to work, beach, school or any outdoor adventure can make the difference. Sure you will save a lot of money this way, but you will be doing the environment a lot of good when you pack your lunch in reusable containers.

5. Keep Off Disposable Cutlery and Straws
Disposable cutlery and straws are not reused. They are used just once and disposed of. This ultimately leads to environmental pollution, and if they are not thrown away properly, these plastics find their way to the waterways and oceans. If you own a car or usually have a bag handy, it is usually easy to carry your own stainless steel cutlery from home. And for the straws, if possible, stop using it. Even if you have to use one, opt for a reusable stainless steel straw.

Plastic has brought us more harm than good. Keep the environment pollution free and help the marine creature by changing your lifestyle and living less with plastic.