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More About Farmison & Co

Meat is an important protein source available to mankind, thanks in part to its richness in essential amino acids. How much meat is perfect for a week’s serving? This question became common not until vegetarians became fashionable. Several studies have link red meat intake to cause a wide range of diseases including cancer. One way to reduce the risk of exposure to cardiovascular diseases linked to meat intake is to modify the intake of these foods with animal protein. The major difference between meat quality today is fat content. It is therefore important to always buy your meat from a reliable source. Farmison is one meat company that specialises in providing customers with organic and quality meat. All the meat products sold here are considered healthy for consumption.

Farmison & Co is a privately held company that specialises in the production and supply of high-quality raw meats to customers across the UK. Since its establishment in 2011, the company strives to always exceed the expectation of meat lovers by providing better quality meat to its customers. They have won quite a number of awards due to their outstanding service including online butcher of the year. Some of the products worth buying include pork, hamburger, beef steak mince, chicken Kiev and many more.


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