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More Info About Garden Chic

Garden chic is a product of Gudrum Website that offers the best solutions for home and gardening products’ retail sales. Their newest website is all about the best garden accessories. Garden chic is actually the online delivery shop of Gudrum Classics Ltd. Gudrum started in 2002. The company is based in the UK, and it started as a local supplier of gardening products to some parts of the UK. Later, they became more and more efficient in their niche, so Gudrum Classics extended the scope of their retail trade. Thus, they started a website called

Garden Chic is now a well-reputed online portal that offers a wide range of outdoor accessories for your home, outdoor places, gardens and lawns etc. they are being trusted among the customers and amount of their customers is increasing with each passing day.

What Kind of Products Garden Chic offers: Well, They offer almost all the accessories and components that your garden needs. Not just gardening accessories, but also offering goods regarding the outdoor places of your home. Such as;

  • Greenhouses
  • Garden Buildings
  • Garden Furniture
  • Outdoor accessories like barbecues, smokers, ovens, chimneys etc
  • Garden styles
  • Landscapes
  • Indoor living like lamp shades, oak furniture for bed, dining, sitting rooms


Brands Affiliation
Well, 40 plus well-known brands are working with them because of their excellent customer care services and best customer dealings. Brands are as below

  • A1 Garden Buildings
  • Agri-Fab
  • Alexander Rose
  • Gudrum
  • LandMann
  • Kelkey
  • Jagram
  • Premier
  • Sherpa

You can check the complete list of brands on the official website.

Special Thing about Garden Chic

  • First and foremost quality of Garden Chic is their widest range of gardening goods and brands. They offer you so much in terms of gardening products, so you can easily get the stuff you require for your garden.
  • Secondly, Garden chic is not just an ordinary online shopping site that after selling forgets its customers. In fact, they stand behind every product they sell and keep in touch with the customers even after selling them.
  • Extra professional customer care staff is there to assist you. They not only provide a detailed overview of products but also give you the best suggestions and advice regarding your gardening queries. They tell you how to use the products to get the most advantages out of them.
  • All with this, their fair prices make them stand out of the crowd. You can visit online markets before placing an order, and I am sure you will see a drastic change in charges and services in comparison to online shopping portals.


How to order/ Delivery Details: You can order products by using the official site and after confirmation, your order will be dispatched. Delivery charges get diminished to zero on over £50 otherwise, you will have to pay a cost of £4.

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