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FAQ about Internet Reptile Discounts & Offers

Q. Is there any discount offer available on the site?
A. There is a whopping discount of up to 40% on the selected products available on the site. One needs to visit the site and get the details on the sales offer.

Q. Is there any reward points available on the site?
A. One would get exclusive reward points of 25 each on sharing and liking the Facebook page. Also would get 50 points on birthdays.

Q. Is there any benefit in getting friends referred to the site?
A. Referring should always be rewarding and Internet Reptile always rewards their valuable customers. One would get a benefit of 100 Internet reward points on getting a friend referred to Internet Reptile.

Q. What is the benefit of getting the access pass?
A. One would get exclusive benefit for the access pass that are provided on the site. On spending £1 on the site, one would get a reward point of 2 if one is having a bronze pass along with 50 reward points. Once the purchase is above £500, one would get automatically to Sliver and would get 500 reward points. Also on shopping on the site for every £1 purchase would get a reward point of 3. And if the overall spend is above £1000, one would get 1000 reward points along with that on every purchase of £1 on the site one would get 4 reward points. All the reward points can be redeemed at the time of purchase made on the site.

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