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Ever wondered what the nightlife is like in Amsterdam where a quarter of its surface area is covered in water? How about what Ginjinha – the most favorite drink of the Lisboans – tastes like? Wouldn’t it be intriguing to see first-hand what the city of Lisbon which is proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site looks like? Don’t you think it would be fun to find out why La Rambla is considered the heart of Barcelona’s social life?

With City Sightseeing, you can experience all these first hands and not have to rely on stories heard from people or read off the internet. Since its establishment in 1999 in Seville, Spain, City Sightseeing has brought joy to the heart of many tourists as it takes them on an open-top bus tour around some of the most interesting places in the world.

Their sightseeing services cover over 130 cities around the world. Prominent among these are Lisbon, New Orleans, St. Petersburg but to mention a few.

On many of these tours, there is a life guide present to educate the tourist on interesting facts about what they are seeing. In other cases, tourists are provided headphones with a pre-recorded multi-lingual audio commentary containing all the juicy titbits of their present environment.
The world is a beautiful place to be in, and this beauty can be fully grasped if you experience it in its grandeur. So get on the bus today and explore.

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