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Ends: 2020-08-17

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The mission at Daybreak Hotels is to change the view of people about hotels. Hotels are needed for night stays as much as they are needed in the day. But everyone doesn’t know that. That’s why many people waste money on booking hotels for 24 hours at exorbitant prices when they can book for a few hours and leave.

Now, you can stay at your favorite hotel; enjoy a view at the rooftop, a clean scrub at the Spa, and a delicious drink without breaking your bank. What more? You get to enjoy luxury for less. A UK hotel, you can make a choice from the selection of hotels across Birmingham, London, and Manchester at discounted prices. Interestingly, you get to book these rooms at a fraction of overnight rates – up to 75%.

Daybreak Hotels isn’t just about the day booking of the hotel. You can also book exquisite meals in a choice restaurant across all destinations, a quick wash at the fancy spa, a brief workout at the popular gym, and more. If you want to book a last-minute conference room for your business partners, you can count on Daybreak Hotels to come to your aid.

With only a few clicks, you can check into an apartment for that ‘local’ feeling. While cancellation is free of charge, you do not need a credit card to book ahead. Good deal, right?

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