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Touring London never gets boring. There are numerous sights that just keeps you coming back every time. The Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and Buckingham Palace will keep you forever enthralled in its splendor. The St Paul’s Cathedral which sits on Ludgate Hill at the highest point of the City does nothing but fills you with awe and reverence every single time. These and many more will give you some of the best experiences in your lifetime. However, after each day of delight, you need a place to rest, relax, and look forward to the next day of wonderful sightseeing and touring. This is where Park Grand London Hotels comes in.

With six fabulous hotels positioned around London, Park Grand London Hotel Group are suited to help you experience the city in its entirety. These hotels have pulled out all stops in rendering maximum comfort to their customers. This is ensured by the contemporary décor, hi-speed complimentary Wi-Fi internet, perfect ambiance, well-equipped fitness center, and many more features that the group has put in place for their clients. These hotels are strategically situated within proximity to some of the country’s most desirable locations. The Kensington Hotel, for instance, is just a short distance from the Natural History Museum and the beautiful Hyde Park, both excellent places for tourists to visit. The Paddington Court Hotel, on the other hand, is just minutes away from the legendary stores on Oxford Street. Your already lovely experience is further enhanced by the top-notch customer care service that these grand hotels offer plus the wonderful selection of gourmet that are available in their elegant restaurants. And all these at unbelievably low prices too. So what are you waiting for?

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